Servant of Two Masters

Opening April 18 at LATEA Theatre! 

Servant of Two Masters (1743) is a comedy written by the Italian playwright, Carlo Goldoni. 

This adaptation will be brought to life through the use of clowning, eccentric dance, and hip-hop to create a physical vocabulary that is unique to this particular story. The play requires a heightened sense of physicality and finds humor in both the verbal and physical acrobatics. In breaking or hip­hop dance, dynamics and energy can shift quickly just as Truffoldino’s emotions shift as he is handed another letter to deliver to his master. The goal is to create a complexity on stage that supports the naturally narrative style of social dance. This production harkens back to the roots of Commedia while invoking something fresh and modern.

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April 18 - May 2
LATEA Theatre 


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Creative Team 

Nick Minas - Director
Ephrat "Bounce" Asherie - Movement Director
Dax Vades - Associate Director

Janie Bullard - Sound Design
Shana McKay Burns - Prop Design
Nikki Moody - Costume Design
Keven Lock - Set Design
Austin Smith - Lighting Design
Craig M. Rosenthal - Production Stage Manager