The Maids

the-maids-keyart-srt-webSRT presented Genet's The Maids at The Pershing Square Signature Center, November 22 - December 1.



About The Maids

Tryst- Middle English variant of trist (taken from the French word triste) --an appointed place in hunting.

The Maids is a miscreant tryst in the dark corner where envy, love, and hate all swirl together.

Jean Genet was the son of a prostitute. As a boy, he was passed around foster families before serving several bouts in various penal institutions, and was dishonorably discharged from the service for homosexuality. He survived on petty theft and prostitution, eventually finding his way through art. Genet's life is an example of the abstruse outsider many of his characters are drawn from.

Set on a humid, late-summer night in the latter half of the 1940s, this rendition of Genet's twisted tale of class rebellion evoked a context reminiscent of post-WWII New Orleans.

The Maids, like many of Genet's works, tells the story of individuals desperate to break out of the suffocating confines they were born into - their only hope of escape being to take the imaginative leap into a part they were not born to play. As in life, happy endings are not guaranteed, but as many artists will attest, sometimes a daring act witnessed and applauded is just as satisfying.


Rosa Arredondo*
Rosa Arredondo*as Madame

Monique Coleman
as Claire

Chinasa Ogbuagu*
as Solange

*member AEA (Actors Equity Approved Showcase)

Creative Team 

Associate Producer - Reynolds Lassiter
Director – Christopher Schilder
Assistant Director – Steven Kopp
Production Stage Manager – Sarah Testerman
Stage Manager – Trisha Henson

Sound Design – Janie Bullard
Props Design – Shana McKay Burns
Scenic Design – Keven Lock
Lighting Design – David Sexton
Costume Design – M. Meriwether Snipes

Casting – Karyn Casl
Marketing and Design – Stephen Elms
Executive Director – Katrina Kent
Co-Artistic Directors – Todd Loyd & Tiffany Little Canfield